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The Walk

It’s About the Walk

One time I had the opportunity to visit the New Mexico State Fair.  I discovered a small adobe building that housed the art exhibit.  Inside I came across a painting of a ballerina in the middle of a graceful move.  The painting was exquisite, stirring something within me that has endured and given me purpose.  I want to create images that stir the heart.

This website is where I relay the adventure of my task to any who come this way.  It’s my sincere wish that you might find something here that will stir your heart and inspire even one step along your path.

Thank you.

5 comments on “Welcome Home

  1. Thank you for following my blog as well. I too have been greatly surprised and pleased at the world of blogging, an unexpected joy in meeting people from all over the world, and learning of the great talent and spirit of the willing bloggers. The effort it takes to maintain a good blog speaks of the people who do this. As you do now too. So as I too find where to step next, thanks for the connection.

  2. Are you the same Shelley Wilson who painted two paintings for me in Germany? One a reproduction from a Cosby show and one of a marketplace.

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