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Art Classes

Did you know that learning to draw not only gives you the ability to put down images on paper or canvas, but that it also develops and improves your decision making processes?  Learning to draw, training your hand and your eye to work together, and teaching yourself to really see – are excellent for helping you to learn judgement, weighing the options, and decision-making skills.

If you’ve taken a drawing class in the past and fell away from it, maybe you should consider giving it another try.  Every teacher has a different style and technique.  If you’ve never taken a drawing class before, this would be a great time to give it a whirl.  Do something for yourself; something that will make you a better thinker and take you on great adventures as you lose yourself in the work.

Art classes (daytime or evening) are now available on either an individual basis or in a classroom format.




AGES 5 TO 11

$20 per lesson

Classes for children ages 5 to 11 are in a CLASS setting and are limited to four students per class.  They explore many types of creative media and materials.  Early emphasis is on developing drawing skills, which also improve reasoning and decision-making skills.  Classes are one hour in length and consist of a short explanation about the skill for that day, followed by an exercise that mixes fun with learning.

AGES 12 TO 18

$20 per lesson

Class size for students aged 12 through 18 is limited to a maximum of six students, but individual instruction is available as well.

Class sessions begin with warm-up exercises, a short period of instruction, and then move into projects that may span multiple sessions.





Student purchases items from a provided list

$20 per lesson (approximately ninety minutes each)

In this class you will learn about Edges, Spaces, Relationship, Shadows and Highlights, and Gestalt (the whole).  Classes begin with a warm-up exercise, a period of instruction, and finish with work on a project that may span multiple sessions.

Student work from the Beginning Drawing class.


Students provide materials (list provided)

$25 per class – approximately two hours

Class proceeds in the same manner as the drawing class – warm-up, instruction, and projects.



Same as above (Watercolor)


Students provide materials (recommended list of materials provided)

$35 per class – approximately two hours each


Same as Intermediate Watercolor



There is no charge for this class as no instruction is provided.  However, there is a $15 model fee.  There is a limit of six attendees.  Each person must provide their own supplies, surface (paper, canvas, etc.) and easel, if required.  The class is for up to three hours.  The model will be in the studio for three hours with a fifteen minute break each hour.


TO SIGN UP FOR A CLASS – use the contact form at the bottom of this page.

MODELS – if you are interested in sitting for figure class as a model, contact Shelley Wilson via the sign-up form.

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