Charcoal (black and white) on Mi Tientes paper

I’m launching a new 15 minutes a day for artwork.  Hold me accountable for it, will you? This (below) is not a 15 minute a day item, but I came across it and still like it.  It’s black charcoal pencil and white charcoal pencil (highlights) on gray Mi Tiente paper.  I want to do more. […]

Drawing Brooke – Phase 6

I’m ready to be finished.  I’ve mentioned before that I reach a point where I need to be done.  When I scanned the drawing this time, I thought I’d label it Brooke-Finished.  After scanning it, I was able to look at it with Lightroom and every flaw glared at me defiantly, shouting OH, YOU THOUGHT […]

Drawing Brooke – Phases 4 and 5

It’s been a good day; a productive day.  I live in a small town and sometimes have to drive up to one of the cities to get things.  Today I found 11×17 printer paper close to home.  I can now print out a storyboard template and launch the new book we’re working on.  More about […]

Drawing Brooke – Phase 3

It’s been a very full day for me.  I got up early and went to my first Tai Chi class.  It was in the side yard of a house overlooking the water.  We were in the shade and surrounded by lush bushes, trees, flowers, grass – all rich and vibrant with color.  The air smelled […]

Drawing Brooke – Day 2

Besides looking at angles, line directions, and measurements, I look for shapes in the subject.  I look for triangles, circles, rectangles and even cones, spheres, etc.  In this case I found triangle relationships between the tops of the ears and the chin, the bridge of the nose and the chin, the pupils, the nose, and […]

The Winner is Number 3

Tomorrow I’ll start the drawing.  I bought some brand new pencils today.  I was hoping to find a Kimberly 9xxb pencil and an Organic Black #5000.  Ah, well.  It can wait. I’m going to post my daily about my progress.  I really hope that you’ll stop by for a visit to see how it’s going. […]

Day 8 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

I spent several hours at the St. Clements Island Museum today, doing some filming for the documentary and learning to knit. What a great combination. This little diorama has nothing to do with either the documentary or the knitting, but I liked it. I like that the man has his hand on his friend’s shoulder. […]

Day 6 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

Meet Buffy. I’m filming a documentary about Sustainable Farming and have gotten to know this young lady quite well.  The first day we met, she looked me over and hopefully gave me thumbs – er, rather, claws up. The turkeys are in the middle of raising their poults (babies).  The mothers are excellent teachers – […]

Day 4 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

My first sheep.  She was relaxing in some shade.  I drew her with a mechanical pencil, then added waterproof ink outline.  I took a charcoal pencil and darkened in the areas that called for it.  It seemed a little rough, because she was a gently colored sheep.  I took a blending stick and smoothed out […]

Day 3 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

I did two drawings for day three – both of a friend.  The first one was done in my little art journal, where the rest of the daily drawings are.  I drew it with pencil and then added some color with colored pencils.  The whole drawing was maybe three inches tall.  Later in the day […]