Calling All Artists and Crafters in Southern Maryland

Announcing the opening of Mockingbird Lane in Prince Frederick, Maryland this coming summer!!! According to the owner, Allyn Fitzgerald, “It’s not just a store, it’s a destination”. Do you want something other than craft fairs and makers markets to sell your creations? Are you finding that the internet just can’t get you the sales you […]

The Boy on the Ferry

On the first Friday of each month, our little town does something called FIRST FRIDAY.  The shops, galleries, and restaurants are open later and there are live bands, poetry readings, refreshments – all kinds of good stuff.  Today was First Friday.  At North End Gallery, we had a holiday party in combination with the day.  […]

My first official still life

I finished my first official still life yesterday morning.  I have done a couple of still life paintings for classes, to be put into my portfolio.  This one is going to be made into Christmas cards and will be framed and sold in one of the galleries.  I actually wish I could keep it, but […]

Where’s My Ejection Seat?

I have SO many difficult tasks to do today.  Where’s my ejection seat?  I gotta get outta here!  I’m on the last timeline for a wedding day edit and I’m soooo close to being finished.  The pre-ceremony turned out amazing.  The ceremony is done.  Post ceremony was fantastic.  Finished the introductions, toasts, first dance, and […]

A Cure for Artist’s Block

I’ve discovered a cure (not THE cure, but A cure) for artist’s block – the need to earn some money.  I’ve never liked the term STARVING ARTIST.  I’m not starving. My bank account is.  I might be feeling a little lazy and overwhelmed, but seeing that my bank account is running on empty makes me suddenly feel […]