A Good Read

I have shared my progress on this painting with you.  The painting is done.  I am still inspired when I look at it.  What will become of it – that is the question on my mind now.  Will it hang in my studio for the duration of my life?  Is it meant for someone?  Will […]

Say Cheese, Shelley

I remember this moment as though it just happened.  I was holding my hand as close to the surface of the lake as possible.  As the slow and gentle waves came to shore, they touched my hand.  I was mesmerized by the feel of the water, as though it were giving me a soft little […]

Illustrated Poem

Poet, Brenda Elmore, has graciously granted me permission to show her poem here with my painting.  Thank you, Brenda. Untitled by Brenda Elmore Did you never hear my stories as I whispered in your ears As I laid you down and held you close and loved you oh, my dears? As I smoothed your blankets […]

Did You Never

At last the painting is finished.  I think everyone gave up on me and believed I never would finish it.  I surprised them and finished it in about ten days.  The first half took almost two years.  Not bad. The thing that spurred me on to finish it was a poem by Brenda Elmore.  April […]

Me by Clara

A delightful side benefit of filming the dinner for the documentary was that I got my portrait drawn by a future famous artist. A family of four were among the guests for the dinner.  The two daughters were a delight.  They wanted to be helpful, enjoyed being there, and they helped served a plate of […]

Log Cabin Light

There’s just something about the light in a log cabin.  It must be the warmth of the wood, which is everywhere. The photograph below is one of about one hundred that I took.  Once again, it’s taken in the cabin, so has a warmth about it.  Each person had to carry a watercolor block around […]

Drawing Brooke – Phase 6

I’m ready to be finished.  I’ve mentioned before that I reach a point where I need to be done.  When I scanned the drawing this time, I thought I’d label it Brooke-Finished.  After scanning it, I was able to look at it with Lightroom and every flaw glared at me defiantly, shouting OH, YOU THOUGHT […]

Drawing Brooke – Phases 4 and 5

It’s been a good day; a productive day.  I live in a small town and sometimes have to drive up to one of the cities to get things.  Today I found 11×17 printer paper close to home.  I can now print out a storyboard template and launch the new book we’re working on.  More about […]

Drawing Brooke – Phase 3

It’s been a very full day for me.  I got up early and went to my first Tai Chi class.  It was in the side yard of a house overlooking the water.  We were in the shade and surrounded by lush bushes, trees, flowers, grass – all rich and vibrant with color.  The air smelled […]

Drawing Brooke – Day 2

Besides looking at angles, line directions, and measurements, I look for shapes in the subject.  I look for triangles, circles, rectangles and even cones, spheres, etc.  In this case I found triangle relationships between the tops of the ears and the chin, the bridge of the nose and the chin, the pupils, the nose, and […]