Cart before the horse

Now that filming is complete for the documentary on sustainable farming, it’s time to change the focus of my work.  Some next steps are to get videos of varying lengths ready to submit to film festivals, TV producers, and for DVD sales.  The sustainable farmer for this documentary is Allen Heirloom Homestead, owned by Christina […]

Still Life Practice

Painting and drawing are about seeing; not looking.  My specialty is portraiture.  I can do posed portraits, but my favorite is the painting of someone doing what they love to do; gardening, cooking, reading, playing with their children, etc.  I love capturing the character, the person that lives just beneath the surface. A still life, […]

Number One

There are some projects I need to work on and ideas are starting to pour into my brain.  This is a warm up exercise with watercolor pencils.  Number One.  I have not done anything with my watercolor pencils aside from scratch a few lines on some papers to see what they look like when wet. […]

Daily Prompt: Apply Yourself

Describe your latest attempt to learn something that did not come easily for you. Creating demonstration videos. I’m an artist and that includes videography.  I make videos for people all the time.  Making one for me – that’s something else.  So I decided to give it a try.  I would very much love to start giving […]

Liquid Mask for Watercolors

I made a video about the use of liquid mask, but I think I could just as easily tell you the main points with written word. Before I start, I get a cup of water and squeeze in a little dish soap.  I use a green dish soap mainly so that I can see it […]

A Postponed Dream – I will try again next year

For many years it has been my dream to have a painting accepted into the annual exhibit in New York City with the American Watercolor Society.  This painting, MENDING THE SAILS, won first place at a show in Annapolis, Maryland in June and my confidence was boosted.  The juror wrote, in her critique, that the […]

Procrastinator!!! Time to get painting!

I’m getting ready.  The holidays are over.  Everyone has gone back to their own homes and their own routines.  I alone sit stalled out.  I alone continue to find one more reason why I have to put it off.  Painting.  I’ve actually blamed a lot of my procrastination on the new website.  I redesigned my […]

The Boy on the Ferry

On the first Friday of each month, our little town does something called FIRST FRIDAY.  The shops, galleries, and restaurants are open later and there are live bands, poetry readings, refreshments – all kinds of good stuff.  Today was First Friday.  At North End Gallery, we had a holiday party in combination with the day.  […]

Matted and Framed

The below painting is hanging ever so cheerfully on the wall at North End Gallery in Leonardtown, Maryland. I used my Canon Pro 9500 MKII for the first time and printed Christmas cards with that painting on them. They turned out absolutely lovely – very excellent quality. I left some in two galleries. That was […]

My first official still life

I finished my first official still life yesterday morning.  I have done a couple of still life paintings for classes, to be put into my portfolio.  This one is going to be made into Christmas cards and will be framed and sold in one of the galleries.  I actually wish I could keep it, but […]