Spiritual White Space

I’ve been listening to a podcast by Bonnie Gray, author of the book Spiritual White Space.  Below is a podcast with Bonnie, created on I’m a member of a group of artists who meet bi-weekly to study and learn how we can be prophetic artists, artists with a heart for God, artists who are […]

Home Is Where Your Story Begins

Those are the words on a piece of wood at the entrance to my studio.  Home is indeed where my story begins.  It doesn’t mean that every chapter is a page turner or that each one is sparkling and exciting.  My own story has adventure, mystery, comedy, and warmth, but it also has some tension […]

Day 2 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

The purpose of these drawings is to hold myself accountable to art, to keep moving forward, loosen up a bit, stop trying so hard, set an example, and to learn. I know I can draw, but I want to draw more spontaneously and I’d like the act of drawing to be an act of joy. […]

I Painted!

It’s kind of like exercise – if you miss a few visits to the gym it gets hard to go back.  Once you’re going there regularly, it’s easy to keep going.  Oh, in the past few months I’ve done a little colored pencil, some sketching, and a bit of watercolor (a TINY bit).  Yesterday, though, […]

Newtown, Connecticut is in our prayers

The pastor of my church asked me to take photos of the people attending the second and third services to send to our sister church in Newtown, Connecticut.  He wanted to let them know that they’re in our prayers. There were too many people to fit in a single photo, so I took eight photographs […]

Extra! Extra! Extra! Artist Makes Discovery! Read All About it!

I was writing in my journal a few minutes ago and I discovered something about myself that will change me forever. I have been or wanted to be an artist my entire life.  I’ve believed with all my heart that it would come to something, that I would use it for something. Years have passed. […]