Deliberate Practice

I’m reading a book called Quiet by Susan Cain.  This morning, while sitting out on the front porch, I came across the following eye-opening insights.  Cain tells us, according to an interview she did with a research psychologist, Anders Ericsson, that In many fields…it’s only when you’re alone that you can engage in Deliberate Practice, […]

Treasure Found

Yesterday I went on an adventure – to a book sale.  Our local library held it’s annual book sale.  Books from all of the libraries in the county are packed up in boxes, loaded into multiple rental trucks, and taken to our county fairgrounds, where they were unpacked onto tables in four large buildings.  One […]


This is a type of pheasant, but I don’t recall the exact brand of pheasant.  It belongs to some friends of ours.  I was absolutely fascinated by it – the colors, the fact that it was walking around loose and yet stayed there in the yard.  Also I was amazed by its wing flapping.  I […]

I Painted!

It’s kind of like exercise – if you miss a few visits to the gym it gets hard to go back.  Once you’re going there regularly, it’s easy to keep going.  Oh, in the past few months I’ve done a little colored pencil, some sketching, and a bit of watercolor (a TINY bit).  Yesterday, though, […]


These sunrise illuminated cloud formations awed me as I stood there on the porch.  I told the dog I’LL BE RIGHT BACK! and tore into the house to get my camera.  Sometimes when I get back outside the sunrise is finished.  I caught it this time.  It felt like it was just for me.

Liebster Blog Award – an honor

I’m grinning ear to ear.  You honor me, Mary Livingston of The Backdoor Artist, with your nomination for the Liebster Award. I thank you. I hadn’t known there were blog awards. What a surprise and I love surprises. This nomination has sent me out into the blogging world to explore what blogging means to others […]