The Lion and the Lamb

A dog and his best . . . toy, couch, and friend!

Look into my eyes!

Lest I forget the other star of the studio bunch – Emma.  She’s got the most amazing eyes I’ve ever seen in a black and white dog.


My cat’s name is Moo.  He and the other cat, May, spend most of their day here and there, but usually not in the same here and there as our two dogs.  The cats are kind of fond of me though and so whenever the dogs are outside, the two cats come up to my […]

Day 12 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

Einstein.  I’m so glad I drew him again.  I like this one much better.  As with the crab drawing, this one is done with the Prismacolor Premiere and Derwent Coloursoft pencils on Strathmore Artagan Coal Black paper.  I have only drawn one other dog in my entire life.  That was the Cocker Spaniel puppy (below) […]

Day 11 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

Well, here I go again.  I didn’t get much done in fifteen minutes.  I’m going to continue this project though.  I’ll show you the final outcome. Einstein was my Day One drawing, but this time I’m going to draw him for real.  I enjoyed working on the crab so much that I think Einstein is […]


Moments ago, the dog chased the cat through my studio and they managed to knock over my easel with the painting on it that I’ve been working on for months.  Then they knocked the lamp off of the bookcase and it sliced through the canvas.  I’m too numb to feel the impact of this, but […]

I see you

. . . but I’m pretending I don’t.

Where’s My Ejection Seat?

I have SO many difficult tasks to do today.  Where’s my ejection seat?  I gotta get outta here!  I’m on the last timeline for a wedding day edit and I’m soooo close to being finished.  The pre-ceremony turned out amazing.  The ceremony is done.  Post ceremony was fantastic.  Finished the introductions, toasts, first dance, and […]

Good morning!

It’s a crisp, cool morning. Einstein is exploring his yard and I’m sitting in my lawn chair at the end of the porch. When I walked out the cabin door, I was greeted by rays of light shining down on the yard and it took my breath away. The first time I came out this […]