Canon 5D MKII

Road Trips

My friends and I recently took two short road trips. On the first day we visited Solomon’s Island and Maryland’s only remaining cypress swamp.  At Solomons, we visited the Calvert Marine Museum, the Oyster Museum, and strolled the island a bit.  At the Swamp, we walked along the boardwalk, explored the museum, and hiked to […]

One Thousand Wishes

Me and Great Grandpa

Or is it great great grandpa?  I call him pap and he calls me Emmett.  Sounds kind of like lobble, lobble, lobble, but I know what he means.  We’re just hanging out today.


This is a type of pheasant, but I don’t recall the exact brand of pheasant.  It belongs to some friends of ours.  I was absolutely fascinated by it – the colors, the fact that it was walking around loose and yet stayed there in the yard.  Also I was amazed by its wing flapping.  I […]

A very good day

It was a swell day. It has been a pretty busy time and it actually has absolutely nothing to do with the Christmas.  The documentary is due to be completed this month.  We’ve decided not to take the “Film Festival” route.  We’re getting too many calls and requests for the DVD.  So we’re going to […]

A little of this, a little of that

A Canon 5D MKII, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and some video footage for the sides of the cube. I have this idea in my mind that I’d like to have a cube hovering over someone’s hand and that it would have video clips on each side. I want to manipulate it – make it spin, […]

The photo that didn’t compete.

Even though my site is supposed to be about art, the other parts of my life are so woven into my art that it’s not possible to pull out just one fiber.  Tonight I went to our local camera club and I was going to enter one of my photographs in the monthly competition.  It […]

Whew! Filming is complete!

Filming for the documentary is finished.  I filmed on Friday from 7:30 am to … well, I ended up spending the night in the cottage on the farm, because I was too exhausted to drive home.  I’m glad I stayed, because it gave me one more chance to do some early morning filming.   Christina, […]

Turkey Tilt

I went to the farm to film the solar panels being put on the barn roof, but couldn’t resist a visit with the turkeys.  This Friday is the last day of filming for the documentary and I will really miss them.  We’ve had some nice conversations, those turkeys and I.

Passion Fruit Flower

Did you know there’s such a thing as Passion Fruit?  I thought it was just an expression.  Low and behold, it’s real.  Here’s the flower. Here’s the fruit itself.  Passion Fruit grows on a thin vine that wraps around fences and small trees and bushes.  Some might think it a nuisance, but at the farm, […]