I cloned a human!!!

Ever wish there were more than one of you?  Well, don’t over think it – the part about a bigger food budget and more bedrooms and college tuition for all of the YOU’s. I used Adobe After Effects (AE) for the special effect.  I filmed the scene with a camera on a tripod.  The subject […]

A little of this, a little of that

A Canon 5D MKII, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Premiere, and some video footage for the sides of the cube. I have this idea in my mind that I’d like to have a cube hovering over someone’s hand and that it would have video clips on each side. I want to manipulate it – make it spin, […]

Whew! Filming is complete!

Filming for the documentary is finished.  I filmed on Friday from 7:30 am to … well, I ended up spending the night in the cottage on the farm, because I was too exhausted to drive home.  I’m glad I stayed, because it gave me one more chance to do some early morning filming.   Christina, […]

Allen Heirloom Farm Documentary – trailer

Today I want to share the theatrical trailer that I created for the documentary. We started filming in April.  I was supposed to follow Christina Allen around her farm – shadow her.  At that point most of the plants were still in little tiny containers or flats in the greenhouse.  The garden itself was ready, […]

Day 7 – Drawing Fifteen Minutes a Day

I’m weary. Call it jet lag … or kayak lag.  Yesterday was such an amazing day.  Our day of filming for the documentary started out on the water.  When we arrived at the place where we would launch the rowboat, they took a small, one-person kayak out of the rowboat and put it in the […]

A Glimpse of My Current Film Project

This isn’t actually film, but I used the same camera that I use for film – my Canon 5D MKII.  I also use other cameras, but this is the newest one.  It’s actually a DSLR camera, but it takes amazing video.  The last wedding I filmed was in at Sotterley Plantation and the ceremony was […]