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If you’re interested in an available piece of artwork, please contact me through my CONTACT page and I will send you the dimensions and price.  Thank you so much!

9 comments on “Art

  1. yes crisp and clean, and very well rendered, nice portfolio of work. I like the diversity as well, and working across different mediums is a real plus.
    NIce blog and friendly conversation, I like that too. Your style does come from personality I must agree with foresterartist.
    I will check back and enjoy more, thanks

  2. Shelley, I just had a look at some of your art here, you still amaze me with your awesome art. You truely have been blessed with a great gift.

  3. Hey Shelley, my dad, Greg Hossbach gave me the link to your site a long time ago. I just got a chance to take a look. You have so very BEAUTIFUL paintings! They capture so much emotion in the colors you use and the different ways you portray the people (Examples: Study and Boy on the Ferry). Also, I love your watercolors! The one of the baseball stadium (Camden Yards), definitely something to be proud of! You accomplished soo much detail in it…That takes a lot of patience! And my other favorites include The Gift, Potato Picker, The Ride and your watercolor of your white house (Commission)! :o) Great job! Really enjoyed looking.

    • Thank you, Lauren. For taking time to visit and for your words of appreciation. I’m glad you waited. If you’d have visited any sooner, I wouldn’t have assembled the items you mentioned. Also I might have been in a different place myself and not needed your encouraging and welcome words as much as I do today. Perfect timing! I hope you’ll stop by again, Lauren. Tell your dad I say hi.

  4. Hi Shelley, I love your work. Your watercolors are so crisp and clean. Just beautiful!

    • After reading your comment, I went and looked at my work – looked slowly and intentionally. I think you’re right. It is crisp. I’d never given it any thought. I wonder where that comes from. My style seems to have a will of its own. It’s probalby here to stay, too, so I’ll just keep putting my brush to paper and canvas and see where it leads.

      Thank you so much for taking a moment to comment. Comments are so helpful. Your comment here is very encouraging. Thank you again.

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