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Silhouette Cutting

Recently I discovered silhouette cutting.  It’s not something I ever considered doing.  A friend (thank you, Laura!) asked me to give it a try.  She scheduled a day at Keepin’ It Local for me to demonstrate silhouette cutting.  I read the book she gave me and I practiced.  All the way up until the day before the demonstration I was wondering if I’d ever get the hang of it.  I wanted to honor Laura’s request, so I kept practicing.  The morning of the demonstration I could almost hear the light come on in my head.  The demonstration turned out to be a great experience.  I had only two people ask me to do their silhouette, but it was still fun.  The next day I was telling my daughter about it and she asked me to cut her son’s silhouette.  It turned out perfect, capturing his ten year old self wonderfully.  It turns out not many people can cut a silhouette.  It’s rather like doing a contour drawing, except you get to look at the paper and you use small, very sharp scissors rather than a pencil.  It felt good to have a new challenge.  It only takes 30 to 60 seconds to cut a silhouette and it certainly gives a nice sense of satisfaction.

The traditional method of making a silhouette ...

The traditional method of making a silhouette portrait (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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