I’ve been painting in watercolor for twenty-eight years though I worked my way into it gradually.  As a teenager, I’d used some Martin’s Dyes.  They suited me then – bright and bold.  Later, when money was tight, I drug them out again.  They’d been quite expensive and I didn’t want to waste them.  In my late twenties I found them to be too bold and bright for my style.  To keep from wasting them, I experimented by adding some White Gouache.  I liked what I saw and did some paintings for a show in Albuquerque.  The paintings sold.  I wanted to continue experimenting, however, so moved on to watercolors in tubes.  I found it to be a difficult media, requiring more pre-planning than I was used to.  It was a bit unforgiving.  I thrived in it though, winning quite a few awards over the years.  My most recent award was a first place ribbon at the Annapolis Maritime Museum, for a painting called Mending the Sails.  That same painting has been accepted into the Mid-Atlantic Exhibition in Baltimore and will be on display at Stevenson University in June and July.

Mending the Sails (watercolor) - available

Mending the Sails (watercolor) – available

Opening Day Game - Camden Yards

Opening Day Game – Camden Yards (available as a print at Log Cabin Studios)


3 comments on “Watercolor

  1. I love your watercolors Shelley. They are just beautiful.

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