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There’s another side to me – a video side.  In about 2002 my husband bought me a new computer for Christmas.  It came with a little round camera that was connected to the computer by a cord.  It also came with some simple editing software.  The new computer was in the guest room.  I asked my son to sit on the bed and play his guitar so I could try out the little camera and the editing software.  The resulting video was dark and grainy, with pretty awful audio.  I was thrilled!  It was the idea that you could take video and put it into a computer and turn it into something.  I wanted to take that little camera further away from the computer.  Why didn’t they make longer cables?  We went to a neighborhood block party a few days later and I met a man who is a freelance camera operator for travel and nature folks on TV.  He described his equipment.  I was so naive.  I hadn’t know that video could be digital.  All we had was a VHS camcorder.

It was just a matter of time before I had my own business.  Unlike my neighbor, I wanted to do ALL of the parts – filiming, editing, creating DVDs, creating a website to talk about it – ALL.  So here I am today –  trying to fit all my skills together.  I have a vision for how my artwork, video, photography, and writing can fit together.  It’s just a small thought right now, but I have big hopes for it.

Below is our first theatrical trailer for the documentary being filmed on Sustainable or Homestead Farming.


This documentary will be for people who are thinking about improving their quality of life by taking steps to eat better and to make a smaller footprint on the environment.  First steps could be as simple as planting heirloom vegetables in containers on your patio or balcony. This film will teach how to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, transplant, weed, and harvest your plants.

For those who are looking to do more, the film will discuss composting, how to plant things together that benefit one another (shade, keeping bugs away, helping the soil), how a greenhouse would benefit the growing season.  You’ll also learn about Jersey Buff turkeys, chickens, and sheep and the wonderful and beneficial products they produce.  Christina and Frank Allen will discuss working with cotton, wool, spinning, weaving, soap making, fermenting Kombucha tea, dealing with animals that threaten your livestock, and much more.

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